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Landlord & Tenant INFO

Legislation and Regulation

The Landlord and Tenant Board (LTB)

Governing or Regulatory Body

Legislation and Regulation (LTB)

Rules, Practice Directions and Guidelines (LTB)


Renting in Ontario: Your rights (Consumer Protection Ontario)

Rental Housing (Ontario Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing)


Ontario’s Residential Tenancies Act

Brochure: A Guide to the Residential Tenancies Act


How a Landlord Can End a Tenancy (A summary of the rules for how a Landlord can end a residential tenancy and evict a Tenant)

How a Tenant Can End a Tenancy (A summary of the rules for how a Tenant can end their tenancy, including lease renewals, and assigning and subletting)

If a Tenant Does not Pay Rent (The rules for ending a tenancy by a Landlord if a Tenant fails to pay rent.)

Maintenance and Repairs (Information about the rights and responsibilities of both landlords and tenants relating to maintenance and repairs)


Evict a Tenant

Eviction for Failure to Pay Rent

Eviction for Personal Use, Demolition, Repairs and Conversion

Eviction for an Illegal Act or Business

Relief from Eviction – Refusing or Delaying an Eviction

If you are locked out of your unit – Information for Tenants (Describes what a Tenant can do if they have been improperly evicted.)


Rent Increase Guideline

Rent Increase Guideline (Consumer Protection Ontario)

Brochure: 2018 Rent Increase Guideline (LTB)

Applications for Rent Increases Above the Guideline

Information about Applications for a Rent Increase Above the Guideline

Automatic Rent Reductions and Tax Decreases (Rules for the automatic reduction of a Tenant’s rent if there is a decrease in the property taxes for the rental unit.)



Forms for Landlords 

Help for Landlords (lists the kinds of concerns which can happen in a tenancy and the LTB application you can file to resolve them)

Forms for Tenants

Help for Tenants (list of concerns that Tenant may have about tenancy and the appropriate forms to file with the LTB)

Sample Letters and Worksheets (CMHC)

Initial Inspection Worksheet (CMHC)


Standard Lease

Ontario’s Standard Lease

Ontario’s Standard Lease ( direct link)


Frequently Asked Questions

Starting a Tenancy

Rent Deposits and Other Charges


Pets and Smoking

Entering a Tenant’s Unit

Maintenance and Repair

Ending a Tenancy

When to Apply to the Landlord and Tenant Board (LTB)


Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC)

Guide to Renting a Home

General Online Resources

A Tenant’s Guide to Condo Living

Insurance for Landlords Info

What is Tenant’s Insurance?

After the Flood – A Homeowner’s Checklist

Rental Market Reports

Rental Market Reports – 2017 (Ontario)


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